A Small Start (in Brampton)

All events have to start somewhere, and with the first event in Feburary 2018 we partnered with SPS Commerce to host our first event in Brampton. Despite the low attendance, our attendees had a lot of fun and learned a lot from our first CodeDay in Toronto. It turns out that teaching students in Canada is not that different from America!

You can find a lengthy writeup and more photos of the event over at https://showcase.srnd.org/winter-2018/toronto/wrapup.

A mentor is helping a studnet learn to code. Students are gathered at a table busy coding. Students are gathered at a table competiting against other CodeDay events in a capture the flag competition.

Here are some interesting things I learned along the way:

American spelling matters!

One really funny issue we ran into was in the intro to web development workshop. The world color is spelled as colour in Canada. I have since submitted a pull request to the workshop authors, but I found this quite amusing.

Canadians are really, really nice.

In my 4 years of organizing CodeDay events across the east coast, this is I’ve ever recieved thank you emails from attendees. Maybe it’s a cutural thing, but here’s a sampling of thank-you emails showing how students are excited about coding after the event:

I just wanted to start by thanking you for the wonderful opportunity of learning code. Even with my previous experience, I learned way more then I thought I would and I thoroughly enjoyed the overall experience.

CodeDay TO truly solidified my intent of going into the CS/ Software Engineer field.

I would like to personally thank you for this experience and I am interested in helping in future Toronto CodeDays

Thank you very much for organizing this event here in Toronto. I had a great time collaborating with my friends and the kind volunteers. This experience has truly opened my eyes as to what the workplace environment in this field is like. I also learned how useful online resources are, and how you can use it to improve your own programming skills. This was my first every coding event and I would definitely be interested in participating in more of them. Feel free to let me know if there are any volunteer positions at future CodeDays as I would gladly be willing to help. Thanks once again.

Round Two: Let’s Make This 10x Bigger!

For our second event, we partnered with Sandbox by DMZ at Ryerson University to make our impact in Canada even greater.

The next event is happening on April 28-29. Be sure to spread the word to students 12-25 who may be interested in learning to code:


Coming Soon to Vancouver! :eyes:

We are looking to start an event in Vancouver, and we need your help to make this event possible! Please email volunteer (at) srnd.org if you’re interested in getting involved!