Heya, I'm Melody!

Nice to meet you! It's a wonderful afternoon.

I design & build
websites humans love to use!

Here are some rad websites I recently worked on:


A modern status page for a century-old public transit system.

bus pin trolleybus

Temple University

Easy-to-navigate content structure for a major public university.

ding bell golf drum

Everfree Northwest

Creative direction and website for a major fan convention.

front marina mocha

Vehicle Inspections

A major on-demand transportation company goes paperless.

car eye mechanic

Hack Club

Landing page empowering students to start coding clubs.

The letter h on a red background Hand holding banner that says Hack Club The Hack Strikes Back

Philly Publishing Co.

Tiny wins and logo redesigns for a news publisher.

Coming Soon!

I also organise & speak
at meetups and community events!

Here are some of the wonderful events I organise:

CodeDay Philly

A 24 hour event that gets students excited about coding.

caption caption caption

CodeDay Toronto

Bringing CodeDay to Canada in their first international expansion.

caption caption caption


A fun night of tacos and code, featuring live performances!

sticker sticker sticker

And a selection of my best talks:

Web Development Like It's 2018

QueensJS November 2018

Spook Your Friends w/ Electron!

BrooklynJS October 2018

Static Sites

Everfree Northwest 2018

Hacking is for Kids

Hackcon 2017

Intro to VR

BronyCon Pony.dev 2017

CSS Animations

Philly F/UX Meetup 2015

Let's grab some tea & hoagies!

I am currently based out of Philadelphia, but I also end up in New York City pretty often.

Tweet at me @pixelyunicorn or shoot me an email at: